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NEW A little improvement
NEW Dialing Back The Pain
NEW Prices Falling a bit
NEW MBS slide after home sales data
NEW Pre-Open News: Unfriendly to MBS
NEW back down again in the 5.5
NEW Going Into The Weekend
NEW No Locks Yet
NEW Keep Hope Alive
NEW Be Alert
NEW Looks Like Floating Was A Good Idea (part 2)
NEW another heads up
NEW Heads up 12:43 PM EDT
NEW Turned the corner
NEW Bonds Sliding a Bit
NEW MBS Feeling Better After A Rough Night Out With Uncle Ben
NEW looks like floating was a good idea
NEW stocks rally and bonds tank
NEW Welcome to my world
NEW Somebody Catch That Chicken!
NEW up to the minute2.........
NEW Up to the minute...
NEW .75 point cut
NEW The Gathering Storm
NEW Lots of Headlines, Little Change
NEW Morning Numbers
NEW back down again
NEW Opportunists Buying
NEW Firmly Through the floor now
NEW Be Careful....
NEW Keep Your Water Wings On
NEW What A Weekend!
NEW Ok, get back in the water
NEW Graph and Comment
NEW Prices Off Their Highs a Bit
NEW What about mid to long term?
NEW Too Shakey!
NEW Dipped Below 100-05
NEW Alert 1
NEW Good Day, Sunshine!
NEW Bonds Sliding Again
NEW Dipped Below, But Will We Bounce?
NEW Lock Alert
NEW Stay Floaty
NEW At or near lows
NEW Retail Sales Disappoint But MBS Lose Ground
NEW Trend Holding True
NEW Updated Pricing (Yes, it's good!)
NEW Raising Our Expectation