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NEW Amortization Game - Fun For the Financially Obsessed
NEW Freddie Mac Report Shows Strong Housing Data
NEW Mortgage Rates Mixed, But Refinancing Is Not Going Away
NEW Mortgage Short Sale - An Exit Strategy or an Investment Opportunity?
NEW Harvard Finds Homes Less Affordable But Housing Bubble Unlikely To Burst
NEW Mortgage Rates Down But Directionless Overall
NEW Mortgage Foreclosures and Delinquent Payments Decline
NEW Supreme Court Upholds Expanded Concept of Eminent Domain
NEW Mortgage Rates Up Across The Board
NEW Bankers and Real Estate Agents Continue Turf Battle
NEW Reverse Mortgage Revisited
NEW FHA, Freddie Move To Protect Troops From Identity Theft - Foreclosure
NEW As Population Ages, Reverse Mortgages May Finally Catch On
NEW Mortgage Rates Reach 2005 Low
NEW Become A Real Estate Agent During The Housing Boom and Get Rich Quick? Think Again.
NEW Freddie Mac Issues June Economic Prognostication
NEW Fannie Mae Authorizes Purchase of 40 Year Mortgage Loans
NEW Mortgage Rates Mixed But General Trend Still Downward
NEW Making Money Is Not The Best Reason To Own A House
NEW Mortgage Servicing Rights: Traded Like Baseball Cards?
NEW Southern U.S. Now Eligible For Free Credit Reports
NEW Home Loan Mortgage Rates Continue To Drop
NEW Home Staging - Still A Relevant Tactic in Lots of Places
NEW (Correction) - National Association of Realtors Fighting Fires on Several Fronts
NEW Two Monthly Reports Show No Lag in Home Sales
NEW National Association of Realtors Fighting Fires On Several Fronts
NEW Most Mortgage Rates Down Again; Looking Good vs. 2004 Levels
NEW Greenspan Renews Attack on Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae
NEW Risk Management Guide For Home Equity Loans Issued By Bank Regulators
NEW Fannie Mae Misses Another Financial Deadline
NEW Weekly Mortgage Rates Mixed
NEW Housing Bubble To Bust? FDIC Certainly Hopes Not
NEW Construction, Home Sales, Prices - Everything Will Be Up But Mortgage Rates
NEW Weekly Mortgage Rates Mixed But Mortgage Origination Remains High
NEW Appraisers Speak Out On Pressure, Fraud, and Reform
NEW Studies Question Housing Costs, Conditions, Ownership
NEW Mortgage Rates Decline For Fourth Consecutive Week
NEW HUD Pushes Mortgage Lenders To Avoid Foreclosure Losses
NEW Report Suggests Remedies for Appraisal Fraud
NEW Think Tank Report Paints Picture of Mortgage Appraisal Fraud
NEW Mortgage Rates Down and Home Sales Up - Who Says Boring Is Bad?
NEW Appraisal Fraud: A Need To Sort Out The Victims From The Perps?
NEW Fannie Mae Holds Dividend At Reduced Q1 Rate
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue Recent Decline
NEW Housing Starts Take a Tumble According To HUD and US Census Bureau
NEW Freddie Mac Continues To See A Jolly Good Year For Real Estate
NEW Time To Talk About Those Free Credit Reports Again
NEW Mortgage Lender Fraud - Consumers Not the Only Victims
NEW Affinity Programs: With Some, Charity Begins At Home
NEW February New Home Sales Still At Historic Highs