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NEW Zillow May Not Be Ready For Prime Time
NEW Redfin Lacks Zillow Hype, But May Ultimately Have More Impact
NEW Mortgage Rates Mixed But ARMs Not Much Of A Bargain
NEW Put To One Test The Zillow Website Performs Well
NEW Mortgage Rates Flat But Activity Down From 2005 Levels
NEW Zillow and Other Z Words Are the Rage of the Internet
NEW Environmental And Asthetical Alternatives Exist To Minimize Hardscape
NEW Cash Out Refinancing Continued At Near Record Rates At Year End
NEW Is Evidence Mounting Against A Housing Bubble Bust
NEW Mortgage Rates Hit Recent Highs But Activity Still Strong
NEW Fannie Mae Has A Little Good News For A Change
NEW Building Green Starts With The Land
NEW Mortgage Rates Resume Upward Climb After Long Holiday Vacation
NEW NAR Releases Monthly and Annual 2005 Existing Home Sale Numbers
NEW Mortgage Rates Drift, But Mostly Downward
NEW New York Housing Bubble and NAR Reports
NEW Foreclosure Activity Up and Mortgage Defaults To Rise
NEW Building Green From The Start - The Land and Lot
NEW Housing Bubble or Slow Deceleration of Housing Market?
NEW Mortgage Rates Drop And Mortgage Activity Remains Strong
NEW Building Green, Living Green
NEW Freddie Macs ARM Survey Notes Increased Lender Discounts
NEW Mortgage Rates Recover From Holiday Doldrums
NEW Home Warranties Now Available To All
NEW Real Estate Hot Buttons Can Impede Your Home Search
NEW In a See Saw Year Mortgage Rates Finish 2005 Higher
NEW NAR Parcels Out Some Interesting Stats of Real Estate and Agents
NEW Existing Home Sales Drop But Prices Continue Climb
NEW Mortgage Rates and Activity? Holidays Hold Center Stage
NEW Mortgage Rates, Fees and Points Ease Marginally From Previous Week
NEW NAR Report Sees Banks as Non-Competitive
NEW NAR Strikes Back At Anti-Competitive Charges
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue To Exhibit Split Personality
NEW Major Economic Forecasts Paint Varied Future For Housing
NEW Surveys Indicating Mortgage Rates Turning Around Again
NEW A Bad Inspection Should Not Be The End Of The World (Cont)
NEW Conventional Loan Limits Increased For Freddie and Fannie
NEW Mortgage Rates Return To October Levels
NEW Housing Bubble - Maybe, Maybe Not.
NEW Home Inspection Reports Should Not Be All Bad News
NEW Mortgage Rates Drop According To Most Recent Surveys
NEW What Constitutes A Good Home Inspection?
NEW No Matter What, Budget For A Home Inspection
NEW Mortgage Rates Increase Moderately After Last Weeks Big Jump
NEW Fannie Mae Misses Report Again and Finds More Accounting Problems
NEW Freddie Mac Sees Continued Bright Future For Housing Market
NEW Mortgage Rates Take Biggest Jump of Year
NEW Home Building and Remodeling For Accessability - Part II
NEW President Bush Tax Panel Recommendations Go To Executive Branch
NEW Weekly Mortgage Rates Hit New Yearly Highs Again