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NEW Title Insurance and Homebuilders - An Unholy Alliance?
NEW Fannie Mae Misses Year-End Report Deadline
NEW Virginia Addresses Eminent Domain
NEW Appraisal 101 - How a Appraiser Attaches Home Value
NEW Residential Mortgage Foreclosure and Delinquent Payments Decline
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NEW Understanding Your Credit Score - Part 2
NEW Greenspan Asks Again For Limits On Government Sponsored Enterprises Portfolios
NEW Understanding Your Credit Score
NEW Survey Shows Record Home Price Apprectiation - But Not Everywhere
NEW Freddie Mac Chief Economist Releases February Outlook
NEW Mortgage Study - Americans Will Carry Mortgage Into Golden Years
NEW Home Purchase Contingencies III
NEW Clean Up That Offer To Purchase - Part II
NEW Clean Up That Offer To Purchase
NEW Home Sales Continue To Climb While Affordability Declines
NEW Stripping Makes It To The Big Time
NEW Fannie Mae Test Drives 40 Year Mortgages
NEW Fannie Mae Slashes Quarterly Dividend
NEW The Real Estate Agents Bill of Rights
NEW Housing To Have A Splendid Year
NEW Two New Housing Initiatives Aimed At Minority Community
NEW Weekly Freddie Mac Rate Report Adds New Category
NEW Its National Radon Action Month
NEW Mortgage Applications Down During Holiday Week
NEW Mortgage Rates Rise For Second Straight Week
NEW Alaska Eliminates Dual Agency
NEW FHA Raises Mortgage Limits
NEW Fannie Mae Appoints New Independent Auditor
NEW Freddie Mac Issues Annual Adjustable Rate Mortgage Survey
NEW Fannie Starts the Long Process of “Digging Out.”
NEW Don’t Let The Figures Throw You, Look For Trends
NEW Agent Expectations Part II
NEW Fannie Mae Continues To Dominate Industry News
NEW Fannie Mae Scandal Topples Two Execs
NEW Fannie Mae Advised To Restate Earnings
NEW Buying A Condo: Make Sure You Cover All Contingencies
NEW Buying A Condo Is Not Like Buying A House
NEW Freddie Issues Monthly Economic Outlook, UCLA Not Sure It Agrees
NEW Buyers Now Represented By Agents In A Majority of Real Estate Transactions
NEW Same-House Values Continue Climb
NEW One Day Old Credit Report Law Is Fueling Fraud