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NEW Home Prices Still Seen Rising According To Recent Survey
NEW Inflation Fears Fuel Higher Mortgage Rates
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NEW Housing Bubble No Longer Expanding
NEW Mortgage Rates Mixed but Activity Levels Up
NEW The 50 Year Mortgage Is Introduced In California
NEW Freddie Mac Joins Others In Foreclosure Avoidance Program
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue Uptick While Refinancing At Two Year Low
NEW Google And Other Search Players Looking At Real Estate Search
NEW Mortgage Rates, Applications, Cash Out Refinancing All Up
NEW Housing Bubble Bust or Soft Landing - March Homes Sales Figures Up
NEW Mortgage Rates Mixed With Rate Variations Regionally
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NEW Freddie Mac Has An Expensive Week
NEW New Home Construction Declines As Does Homebuilders Optimism
NEW Mortgage Rates Hit Four and Five Year Highs
NEW This Old House vs. That New House
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NEW Mortgage Rates Up While Application Volume Drops
NEW Housing Bubble vs. Housing Market Slowdown
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NEW Websites For The Home With No Homeowners Manual
NEW Mortgage Rates and Applications Tick Up From Last Week
NEW If the Housing Bubble Bursts How Will Marketing Change
NEW Weekly Mortgage Rates and Activity Mostly Lackadaisical
NEW Housing Bubble Conflicting Data Released
NEW Second Home Sales Increase Their Share Of Real Estate Market
NEW Mortgage Rates Drop Slightly But Delinquent Mortgage Payments Rise
NEW Fannie Mae Feels Fallout From Rudman Report
NEW Credit Bureaus Roll Out VantageScore Credit Scoring System
NEW Mortgage Rates Hit Three Year Highs
NEW Over 100 Bills Limiting Eminent Domain Fill State And Federal Hoppers
NEW Fannie Mae Saga Continues As Rudman Report Is Issued
NEW Mortgage Rates Flat in Freddie Mac Report, Up Sharply Per MBA
NEW What Housing Bubble? Report Shows House Prices Still Soaring
NEW NAR Issues Existing Home Sales Report For January
NEW Listen Closely, The Housing Bubble Might Not Be Leaking
NEW Mortgage Rates Retreat A Bit But So Does Mortgage Activity
NEW Zillow May Not Be Ready For Prime Time
NEW Redfin Lacks Zillow Hype, But May Ultimately Have More Impact
NEW Mortgage Rates Mixed But ARMs Not Much Of A Bargain
NEW Put To One Test The Zillow Website Performs Well