MBS Live Recap: All-Time Levels All Around. Here's How To Play It

Another day, another opportunity for MBS prices to hit record highs and rates to--well...  rates are just sort of kicking around a piece of ground in their home town (at all time lows), but notably, they're not looking too eager to improve.  Why is that and what should you do about it?

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Market Movement Recap
08:18 AM

Bonds began the overnight session slightly stronger and chopped around in a narrow range since then.  10yr yields are starting the domestic session down about 1bp.  2.0 UMBS are starting out up 2 ticks (+0.06).

09:15 AM

Quick, serendipitous weakness just now taking 10yr yields 2 bps higher and MBS an eighth lower.  Looks like the bounce may be in already though. Month-end trading.

11:05 AM

Stocks are sliding and bonds have bounced back a bit.  10yr now unchanged and 2.0 UMBS up 2 tick (0.06).  

05:00 PM

MBS surged into the close, ending the day more than a quarter point higher at new all-time highs.  10yr yields are effectively at all-time lows (for those who throw out March 9th craziness).  And all this despite a nice recovery to stronger levels in stocks. Farewell July!

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