Nearly 2 weeks ago, the Fed announcement (specifically, the economic projections and dot plot) kicked off a repricing trend in the bond market otherwise known as "higher for longer."  The net effect had been excess upward pressure on longer-term yields and a modest decline in shorter-term yields. Bonds managed to correct at the end of last week with month/quarter-end trading and government shutdown uncertainty each accounting for some portion of the motivation.  With the shutdown now averted, bonds have popped back up into Thursday morning's range.

20231002 open3.png

Looked at another way, we could say that yields are back in line with the "higher for longer" trend. 

20231002 open2.png

One immediate impact that speaks to the tone of the reaction is the pop in Fed Funds Futures.  It's not quite enough to suggest that another rate hike is a given in early November, but that possibility is more worthy of discussion now.

20231002 open.png

The market is likely to take cues from econ data this week now that we'll actually get it (several of the biggest reports would have been on hold due to the shutdown).