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NEW New Home Prices Take a Real Hit But Sales May Be Stabilizing
NEW Home Sellers Should Remember That They And Their Homes Are Not National Statistics
NEW Housing Starts and Builder Confidence Show Slight Improvement
NEW October Forecast Sees Housing Finding Solid Ground
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Home Prices Decline For First Time In 11 Years
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: New Home Construction Reports
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Freddie Mac Report Partially Frosty
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue Five Week Slide
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: New and Existing Home Sales Tumble
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Housing Permits, Starts, Builder Confidence Fall
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Housing Sector No Longer Fueling The Economy
NEW Oxley Hearings Investigate Real Estate Competitiveness
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: NAR Announces the Return of the Buyers Market
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Building Stats Slip As Does Builder Confidence
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Freddie Mac Sees Orderly Cooling
NEW Mortgage Rates Diverge On Surveys
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Reports Paint Confusing Picture
NEW Report Attempts To Soothe Housing Bubble Fears
NEW Home Prices Still Seen Rising According To Recent Survey
NEW Mortgage Rates Rise and Housing Impact on GDP Lessens
NEW New and Existing Home Sales Point To Contradictory Conclusions
NEW Two New Reports Show Housing Exuberance Is Waning
NEW May Economic Outlook Report Lowers Expectations
NEW Housing Bubble Bust or Soft Landing - March Homes Sales Figures Up
NEW New Home Construction Declines As Does Homebuilders Optimism
NEW Housing Bubble vs. Housing Market Slowdown
NEW Housing Bubble Conflicting Data Released
NEW Second Home Sales Increase Their Share Of Real Estate Market
NEW What Housing Bubble? Report Shows House Prices Still Soaring
NEW NAR Issues Existing Home Sales Report For January
NEW Listen Closely, The Housing Bubble Might Not Be Leaking
NEW Zillow and Other Z Words Are the Rage of the Internet
NEW Is Evidence Mounting Against A Housing Bubble Bust
NEW NAR Releases Monthly and Annual 2005 Existing Home Sale Numbers
NEW New York Housing Bubble and NAR Reports
NEW Housing Bubble or Slow Deceleration of Housing Market?
NEW NAR Parcels Out Some Interesting Stats of Real Estate and Agents
NEW Existing Home Sales Drop But Prices Continue Climb
NEW NAR Strikes Back At Anti-Competitive Charges
NEW Major Economic Forecasts Paint Varied Future For Housing
NEW Housing Bubble - Maybe, Maybe Not.
NEW Freddie Mac Sees Continued Bright Future For Housing Market
NEW NAR Sees Soft Landing as Housing Bubble Transitions To Expansion
NEW Mortgage Rates and Home Sales Both Up In Recent Reports
NEW Freddie Mac September Outlook - Its All About Katrina
NEW Another Report on Spiraling Housing Prices
NEW Greenspan Warns Than Housing Prices Will Simmer Down
NEW Freddie Mac Issues August Economic Outlook Report
NEW Housing Starts, Home Sales Continue at a Record Pace
NEW Freddie Mac Report Shows Strong Housing Data