Let me state for the record that I am not a robot, although I often seem to be asked to check a box on certain websites by… robots. This article, however, sure grabbed my attention, as it was supposedly written by a robot that learned to read from the internet. Does anyone see the madness in this besides science fiction writers from the 1950s? What isn’t madness is the FHA extending forbearance requests through year-end. In other FHA-related news, the U.S. Justice Department announced that San Diego’s Guild Mortgage, in the press recently for being IPO-bound, will pay $24.9 million to resolve allegations it knowingly caused violations of the False Claims Act. As much of conversations these days include conjecture about 2021, there are certainly many analysts who believe that the next wave of refis will be more expensive, and that the borrower’s average credit profile may drop. In general, pipelines are still full, pointing to a solid year end and a good start for most lenders into 2021. The pandemic, and the reaction to it, will continue to heavily influence the economy, and few economists are immunologists. And remember, the only thing scarier after seeing a bug is not seeing the bug anymore.

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PHH Mortgage’s multi-channel originations platform and Enterprise Sales strategy is helping management keep up with both consumer and industry demands during COVID-19. Glen Messina, CEO and President of Ocwen (PHH’s parent company) talks about the progress that’s been made in reshaping the non-bank mortgage servicer and originator, its evolving business model and its progress in turning around the company in a recent issue of HousingWire

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Banks with a booming mortgage business and an unhedged mandatory delivery strategy open themselves up to the possibility of letting their mortgage exposure subject the bank to unnecessary risk. For banks looking to mitigate their secondary risk through hedging, an experienced hedge advisory firm is the best tour guide, as State Bank discovered when it tapped Vice Capital Markets as its hedge advisor. This case study download explains how Vice Capital Markets helped guide State Bank’s bulk execution strategy so the bank retained control over its cash sales and safely maximized their profitability to enable State Bank to continue fulfilling its duty of service to their customers. To learn more about how Vice Capital can do the same for you, contact Scott Colclough.

This section of the Commentary usually focuses on the demand side of the MBS equation. What about the supply side? Although Freddie and Fannie’s forecasts are near $4 trillion for 2020, the MBA believes that originations will increase to $3.2 trillion this year, and then slowing to $2.5 trillion next year. The economics team sees purchase originations hitting $1.5 trillion this year but they see refinance activity falling to under $1 trillion next year as they forecast the 30 year mortgage rate hitting 3% by the end of the year and rising to 3.3% by the end of 2021. Lenders should know that Black Knight shows there are 32 million homes that could save 75 basis points in rate by refinancing. So the good times could continue well into 2021 especially if the primary-secondary spread narrows. But all bets are off if the Fed stops buying MBS.

Inflation data out over the last week shows consumer prices continued their overall upward trend, but not every category saw increases. Grocery prices fell for the third consecutive month following the initial stockpiling that occurred when social restrictions were implemented. Conversely the cost of dining out saw its highest monthly increased in 12 years as restaurants may be trying to recoup lost sales as well as implement costly virus acceptable protocols. September also saw the first increase in producer prices since the pandemic began in March.

Typically, inflation concerns would have a negative impact on the bond markets, leading to expectations for higher rates. Given the recent change in the Fed’s tolerance for inflation, however, no significant changes to monetary policy would be expected unless prices really started to move up. For the time being, the focus remains on the labor market and the 25.3 million unemployed who are still receiving benefits. Despite an impasse on another round of fiscal stimulus from the federal government, retail sales rose 1.9 percent in September as consumers continue to shift spending from services to goods. It remains to be seen if consumers will shift spending back to the much larger services sector of the economy once this wave of goods purchases subsides.

Looking at the bond market Thursday, it was a tale of two days. The morning was filled with negative news: claims that Iran and Russia are meddling in the U.S. election, surging virus cases in Europe, and disappointing earnings releases from Wall Street. All of those reports contributed to the early “risk-off” sentiment. But it was a different story after lunchtime. Nancy Pelosi said she and Steven Mnuchin are close to cinching a stimulus deal, despite there being significant differences (money for local and state governments and how to safely reopen schools and the economy) that are still being negotiated. There are still no indications GOP senators will take up any bill, even after the election, but investors are once again optimistic.

There were several economic releases of note yesterday. New jobless claims fell but the downward trend has stalled and initial jobless claims remain at levels that are multiple times registered during the last recession. Existing home sales increased 9.4% month-over-month in September, beyond expectations, to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 6.54 million. September marked the fourth consecutive month of positive sales gains and a figure up nearly 21% from a year ago. Supply is constrained, reflecting a robust demand for existing homes, which should push prices higher. The downside is that it hurts first-time buyers. The Conference Board's Leading Economic Index increased beyond expectations in September, indicating more widespread growth, although a slower pace versus August points to the recent narrative of a possible slowdown in recovery momentum. By the end of the day, the 10-year Treasury yield jumped to its highest since June (with the curve steeper), impacting mortgage-backed security prices.

The week closes out with a light calendar. We’ve seen that forbearance volumes saw a modest decline this week, per Black Knight, falling by 11,000 from the week prior. GSE loans and portfolio-held and privately securitized loans declined, though forbearance plans among FHA/VA loans increased. As of October 20, nearly 3 million borrowers remain in active COVID-19 forbearance plans, representing 5.6% of first lien mortgages. More than 80% of remaining forbearance plans have had their terms extended. Today’s MBS FedTrade operations today are the lightest on the current schedule: a $4.042 billion maximum. Speaking of purchases, the Fed reported yesterday that for the week ending October 21 net purchases totaled $27 billion, or $5.5 billion per day on average versus originator selling that averaged $7.1 billion. We begin the day with Agency MBS prices unchanged from Thursday’s close and the 10-year yielding .87 after closing yesterday at 0.85 percent.


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2020 has felt like a runaway roller coaster for many of us, and a few tenacious lending executives have not only enjoyed the ride, they’re looking for new challenges. If you’re one of them, the career move you crave may be waiting at Stearns Lending’s Joint Venture Partnerships Division, aka Stearns Ventures. Stearns Ventures is creating new JV partnerships with several builders and real estate brokerages Dallas, Texas, Nevada/Arizona, DC/Virginia, Bay area/Sacramento, and Seattle/Western Washington. Now Stearns is seeking strong JV Presidents for each one. Senior lending executives with the chops for managing the development, launch and growth of one of these partnerships are invited to share your resume and contact info with Stearns Ventures through this secure link https://stearnsventures.biz/Contact. If you have the right background, skills, and outlook for leading a new joint venture, you can be assured that your rewards will be substantial and satisfying.

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