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NEW Solid Home Price Gains Continued into January Ahead of Coronavirus Pandemic
NEW What's Being Done to Prevent Forbearance From Crushing The Mortgage Industry?
NEW Pending Home Sales Are Robust Prior to Shutdown
NEW Refinances Dominated Freddie Mac Volume in February
NEW Builders Already Feeling Pandemic Pinch
NEW Annual Home Price Gains Up 5.2% in January
NEW Mortgage Apps Rocked by COVID; Hard Hit Areas Paint Gloomy Picture
NEW New Home Sales Remain Near Post Crash Highs
NEW Housing Agencies Moving Quickly to Offer "Flexibilities" After Coronavirus
NEW MBA Asks Treasury, Fed to Intervene in Mortgage Market (More Than They Already Are)
NEW January Foreclosure Starts Fall to Survey Lows
NEW Pre-COVID Home Sales Numbers Will Remind us Of the Good Times
NEW Technology is Helping Lenders Shorten Closing Timeline
NEW Freddie Mac Suspends Foreclosures, Offers Additional Crisis Support
NEW FICO Being Investigated by Anti-Trust Committee
NEW Residential Construction Remains Strong as it Awaits Coronavirus Impact
NEW Coronavirus Spread Led to Decline in February New Home Sales
NEW Builder Confidence Holds Steady as Virus Fears Shake Markets
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Remains High Despite Rate Volatility
NEW Only Worst-Case Virus Scenario will Result in Recession
NEW Lender Survey Predicts Continued Low Rates in 2020
NEW Negative Equity Falls to Pre-Recession Levels Thanks to Home Price Gains
NEW COVID-19 Beginning To Affect Real Estate, But It's Not All Bad News
NEW Historic Increase in Mortgage Demand is Mitigated by Tighter Credit
NEW Wall Street's Investment into Housing has Unintended Consequences
NEW Wells Fargo Once Again in DOJ's Hot Seat
NEW Biggest Week-Over-Week Jump in Refi Applications... EVER!
NEW Income Gains are Keeping Potential Homebuyers in the Game
NEW When it Comes to Housing, Oldest and Youngest Generations Finally Agree on Something
NEW Epic Refi Boom Gets Even Crazier as Rates Crush All-Time Lows
NEW Low Rates and Rising Income Boosted Home Price Growth in January
NEW Residential Construction Spending Surged in January
NEW There are 11.1 Million Refi Candidates, With $2.99B in Potential Savings
NEW A Closer Look at Housing Shortages on a State-Level
NEW Refinances Dominated Freddie Mac January Volume
NEW Home Equity Preferences as a Factor of Age and Race
NEW Home Sales Crushed Expectations And Are Now Near a 2 Year High
NEW New Home Sales Hit Highest Levels Since 2007
NEW Mortgage Applications Calm Before The Storm?
NEW Home Prices are on the Upswing Again
NEW Cheaper Construction Loans Mean More Custom Homes
NEW Existing Home Sales Showing Resilience and Lots of Potential for 2020
NEW Delinquencies are at Lowest Levels Since 2000
NEW New Home Sales, Prices Soar to Record Levels in January
NEW Lower Rates Helped Raise January Closing Rate
NEW A Sharp Increase in January Housing Permits Defies Predictions
NEW Refi Applications Ebb, But The Boom Goes On
NEW Fannie Mae Upgrades GDP, Many Housing Forecasts
NEW Builder Confidence Survey Shows Optimism is Still High
NEW Fannie/Freddie Report Growing Net Worth Under new Policy