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NEW HUD Addresses Upcoming Reduction in Loan Limits; Foreclosure Moratoriums Back; Repurchase Requests Down
NEW Home Sales Sag into Summer Months. NAR Harps on Tight Credit
NEW Foreclosures Sell at 27% Discount. Distress Focused in Few States
NEW Goldman Sachs Buying Up Jumbo Mortgage Product. More Lenders Chasing Non-Agency Deals; Appraisal Feedback
NEW Loan Demand Lags Interest Rate Rally. Several Reasons Cited
NEW New Home Inventory at Record Low. Economists React
NEW The Day Ahead: New Home Sales, Treasury Auction, Fed Speak
NEW Customary and Reasonable Fees: Appraisers Under Fire
NEW Reg-Z and Non-Owner Occupied Properties; Insight on Muni Bonds; How Rating Agencies Evaluate Banks; More on Loan Origination Systems
NEW Realtors Request Looser Credit Regs as Home Sales Decline
NEW Housing Starts and Building Permits: Crappy as Usual
NEW The Week Ahead: FOMC Minutes, Housing Starts, Home Sales
NEW Homebuilders Go Numb. Confidence Index Frozen
NEW Realtors Hear Input on Role of GSEs in Housing Finance
NEW Loan Officer Survey: Lending Regs No Looser
NEW Uniform Mortgage Data Program and Appraisals; Bank MBS Holdings; Obtaining IRS Tax Transcripts;
NEW Home Sales Seen Rising into Summer Months: NAR
NEW Homeownership Out of Favor. Rentals in Demand
NEW Buying a Condo vs. Buying a Single-Family Home; Feedback: Risk Retention & Ability to Repay
NEW Home Prices Down Seven Months in a Row: Case-Shiller
NEW New Home Sales Follow Building Permits Higher in March
NEW FICO Scores & Strategic Defaults; Older Vintage Jumbo RMBS Downgraded; Call Report Q&A; Industry Jobs
NEW Fannie Mae Outlook: Economy Hits Air Pocket
NEW Existing Home Sales Still Hindered by Uber Tight Lending Regs
NEW Jump in Building Permits Hints at Uptick in New Home Sales
NEW Distressed Inventory Dampens Builder Confidence
NEW Freddie Mac Outlook: Spring Thaw in Housing Market
NEW March Housing Scorecard Reflects Stagnant Marketplace
NEW Non-Bank Institutions Expand Mortgage Lending Operations; Who Implemented Comp Rules and Who Didn't?; Investor Bulletins
NEW CoreLogic Estimates Shadow Inventory at 1.8 Million Homes
NEW Risk Retention Vote Scheduled. QRM Proposal Expected; Non-Agency Loan Production; Flagstar Loosens FHA Credit Requirements
NEW NAR Estimates Shadow Inventory by State
NEW Fed's Informal Interpretation of Originator Compensation Regs; Where America is Moving; Free HUD Training;
NEW Pending Home Sales Up 2.1 Percent in February
NEW Lenders Scramble to Stay in Compensation Compliance; Risk Retention Regs Ready?; FHLMC Servicer Bulletin; Jumbo Up to $3M
NEW The Day Ahead: New Home Sales, Bernanke, Fed POMO
NEW New Home Sales Follow Building Permits Lower
NEW HUD Offers Originator Comp Guidance; Wells Fargo on Flipping; EPOs Segregated by Servicer; 30 vs. 15-Year Loan Payoff Speeds
NEW Views on Winding Down the GSEs; Billing Banks to Foreclose; Renovating with 203(k) Money; Lender Bulletins
NEW The Week Ahead: Home Sales, GDP, Japan, Libya
NEW Tight Credit Limits Home Buyer Demand. Cash is King
NEW Residential Construction at Record Low. New Home Sales to Suffer
NEW Update on Warehouse Lending; HUD Training Events & Announcements; Independent Loan Professionals File Suit Against the Fed
NEW Housing Scorecard: Delinquencies Down. Foreclosures Delayed
NEW The Future of HARP; Reverse Mortgages Cut by Wells Wholesale; Farmland Price Bubble; HSBC Suspends Foreclosures; Project Bravo
NEW Horizontal vs. Vertical Risk Retention; More Originator Compensation Guidance; Provident Pushing Mandatories
NEW Pending Home Sales Basically Flat in January. Rent or Own?
NEW Which Judge is Right on MERS?; Qualified Residential Mortgages or Not; Banks Face Servicing Settlement Liabilities;
NEW New Home Sales Data Still Distorted by Small Sample Size
NEW Loan Servicing Reform Debate Heats Up; Fed Changes Rule on Escrow Accounts; Citi's Compensation Policy; FHA Loan Applications Fall