In case you haven’t heard, the Supreme Court ruled that a U.S. president can remove the head of Federal Housing Finance Agency, in this case, Mark Calabria (who has his thoughts on the decision). Plenty of lenders ask, “What now? Who will replace him, perhaps an economist who knows our business? And when will some of the measures Director Calabria put in place be rolled back?” There are some who will tell you that anything put in place by him can be scaled back or eliminated but anything in conjunction with other entities, like the U.S. Treasury, will take some time to change. (It is thought that Director Calabria pretty much wrote the January stock amendment, and the Treasury put a rubber stamp on it. This Amendment launched the NOO/2nd home caps, which have since caused one set of loans to be sold to Freddie or Fannie, and one set to private label investors… how are rates set for borrowers with two different execution pricing? It has led to uncertainty, and capital markets crews are in the “price discovery” mode, and forcing some lenders to be correspondents and release servicing to aggregators.) Speaking of change… today’s audio version of the commentary and is available here after 5:30AM PT and is sponsored by Candor Technology, offering a dynamic underwriting engine that eliminates underwriting bottlenecks.

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Which is better, an Expense Management or a Corporate Retail branch model? Understanding the key characteristics of the Expense Management Branch (EMB) and comparing the key performance metrics between it and the corporate branch model is essential to identifying which is best for your organization. In the just-released June Insights Report, STRATMOR Senior Partner Jim Cameron compares and contrasts these two models, drawing on current data from the STRATMOR files and the PGR: MBA and STRATMOR Peer Group Roundtables Program. Cameron creates a picture of profitability and performance metrics that address the question of whether one branch model is better than the other… or not. Don’t miss this intriguing analysis, especially if you’re a lender working through growth and operational strategy decisions. STRATMOR Insights Report

Leadership Change Ahead at the FHFA: Now What?

So the Supreme Court rejected claims that the FHFA exceeded its authority in the context of profit sweep from the GSEs, and concluded that FHFA's structure violated the separation of powers, giving the President the ability to remove the current FHFA Director. Now what? Think of all the new programs whose testing was put on hold under the current management that might come back!

First off, readers should know that not everyone wants to say “happy trails” to Director Calabria. CEI Senior Fellow John Berlau offered this statement in praise of Calabria's biggest achievement in that post: "Mark Calabria has served taxpayers and the housing market well in his oversight of the government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He halted and then, in collaboration with then Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, reversed the Third Amendment 'net worth sweep' that left the GSEs stripped of capital and at risk of needing another massive taxpayer bailout. His 'regulatory capital framework' set a course for privatization of the GSEs and reduces their competitive advantages over private housing finance entities. His successor would do well to heed Calabria’s excellent stewardship of the GSEs."

Morgan Stanley weighed in. “While the previous administration said that it was focused on the GSEs leaving conservatorship and that it would ‘get it done reasonably fast,’ the current administration is much more focused on affordable housing. Biden has outlined a plan to ‘build, preserve, and retrofit more than two million homes and commercial buildings to address the affordable housing crisis’ through a variety of means including tax credits, grants, and the elimination of exclusionary zoning laws.

“In Biden’s presidential campaign, he also ran on a housing platform that specifically involved ‘help[ing] families buy their first homes and build wealth by creating a new refundable, advanceable tax credit of up to $15,000,’ although this specific policy has not made it into the AJP and has been proposed in a separate bill.

“We think that the timeline of moving the GSEs out of conservatorship has likely been delayed, and any large-scale changes to their footprint are also both less likely and pushed further into the future. This likely means that the status quo will continue, reducing the likelihood of the GSE footprint getting smaller at the expense of Ginnie Mae securities and private label.

“We think there are a few changes that we could see from the current landscape: 1. Increased focus on providing access to homeownership. The Biden administration has previously floated a tax credit for first-time homebuyers, which could mean an increase in supply, which would be a negative for agency MBS. We were already on a path toward easier lending standards, an increased focus here has the potential to accelerate the trajectory augmenting demand for shelter and muting (though not negating) the impact of building affordability pressures.

“2. In looking to increase access, they could also increase the cross-subsidization, where higher-credit borrowers subsidize lower-credit borrowers. One methodology would be increasing the LLPAs on the top of the credit spectrum while reducing LLPAs at the lower end, which would make their LLPAs look more like Ginnie Mae (a constant MIP). 3. We could see an increase in usage/decrease in restrictions to the programs like Refi-Now/Refi-Possible that allow lower-income homeowners to refinance with lower fees, which would be a negative for specified pool stories vs TBA. 4. If they are looking to widen out the credit box and need to pay for it, we think there is a reasonable chance that the PSPA caps on the percent of Non-Owner Occupied (NOO) loans that could be originated could be removed. This rule currently will result in NOO loans going through the private label market, but given the better credit profile of NOO loans, we think the GSEs under a different director may want to retain more. This would reduce issuance in the private market while continuing issuance in the conventional space.”

Morgan Stanley’s piece continued. “5. We would assume that, if the NOO loan ruling were removed, the restriction on the combination of no more than 3% of refis and 6% of purchase having more than ⅔ of the following characteristics would also be removed: LTV > 90, DTI > 45, FICO <680. 6. We would keep an eye out for the GSEs willingness to acquire GSE Patch loans on or after July 1, 2021. The mandatory compliance date for the Revised QM Rule has already been postponed to October 1, 2022, a move that extended that GSE Patch to that date. But the GSEs have recently stated that, under the guidance of the FHFA, they will only be accepting loans that meet the revised definition as of July 1, effectively ending the Patch later next week. While we do not expect that to dramatically tighten lending standards, aligning more closely with the mandatory compliance data would mean easier lending standards, if only on the margin.

“8. We will be paying attention to any changes with respect to Credit Risk Transfer (CRT) issuance. Issuance has been curtailed since the onset of Covid-19, with one GSE (Fannie) not issuing, since 1Q 2020, resulting in over $500 billion of mortgages yet to be referenced in CRT. Any changes here could lead to a substantial increase in new issuance volumes.”

Capital Markets

How do you mitigate risk and enhance profitability when it comes to your loan trading? MCT’s recently released Marketplace is the world’s first truly open loan exchange, where buyers can bid regardless of approval status, and sellers receive automated live pricing from every buyer on the platform. It its latest case study, MCT spoke with On Q Financial about how BAM Marketplace helped the company launch and grow its correspondent channel. BAM Marketplace enabled On Q to decrease average approval times with sellers, tailor pricing granularity to desired levels of specification, and increase loan volume as a correspondent buyer. On Q Financial also utilizes MCT’s Security Spread Commitment and AutoBid technology which gives buyers on the platform unparalleled access to new sellers. A revolutionary new era of maximized liquidity, eliminated barriers, and optimized execution is waiting for you. Read the full case study to learn how On Q Financial has gained an edge over the competition. 

Many in the mortgage industry were popping champagne bottles yesterday as the Supreme Court threw out a core part of a lawsuit (Collins et al.v. Yellen) filed by Fannie and Freddie investors that challenged the government's collection of more than $100 billion in profits from the GSEs. The ruling also concluded that FHFA's structure violated the separation of powers, leading to President Biden ousting FHFA Director Mark Calabria, an advocate for releasing Fannie and Freddie from government control. The case had implications for the structure of FHFA, the GSEs, and the outlook for agency MBS, Credit Risk Transfer (CRT) and the housing market. Following the ruling, which crushed shareholder hopes regarding re-privatization of the GSEs any time soon, Fannie and Freddie common stock cratered, plunging the most in intraday trading since 2013.

In regard to economic releases, sales of new homes fell in May for the second straight month, declining 5.9 percent to a 769k unit annual rate and sales were revised lower for each of the prior three months. This was the lowest sale rate since May 2020, though it wasn’t due to a lack of inventory as the months’ supply of new homes increased to the highest inventory (5.1 months) since May 2020. The drop in new home sales reflects increasing affordability challenges for first-time home buyers and growing frustration about the lack of new and existing homes available for sale.

I have an early flight out of Orlando this morning, and in the very early going rates appear to be pretty much unchanged from Wednesday. But we could see some market moving news in the way of advanced indicators for May, May durable goods orders, final Q1 GDP (old news), and weekly jobless claims (). Later this morning brings Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey for the week ending June 24, June KC Fed manufacturing, and several Fed presidents speaking. The Desk will conduct two operations targeting up to $4.9 billion 30-year 2 percent and 2.5 percent. Yesterday the 10-year closed yielding 1.49 percent which is where we are now with Agency MBS prices roughly unchanged.



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