Here’s something you can do for your friends, relatives, and borrowers, especially older ones: Remind them that the current batch of coronavirus relief payments are coming as VISA debit cards. Texas’ Larry C. reminded me that we’ve all unexpectedly received cards in the mail that we didn’t order and cut them up before throwing them in the garbage. Don’t do it this time! 2020 has been quite the year for unexpected things. In March, as huge fundings hit the secondary markets, REITs withdrew, and the Fed stepped in as a big buyer. But too big. Things balanced out, but when the CARES Act hit with its forbearance plan for anyone with government-backed mortgage, it “broadened the denominator” and thrust making the advances onto the servicer. That created a potential liquidity crisis for most non-bank servicers, many of whom grew out of 2008 crisis. Warehouse banks grew nervous about financial condition of non-banks with servicers and concerns about counterparty risk of all sorts increased. And all in the last two and half months! Economists are really great at predicting the past. But the mortgage market has quieted down and lenders can look forward to low rates well into the future!

Services and Products for Lenders

“At Mr. Cooper, we are proud to have provided forbearance relief to 200k+ of our valued customers. As a firm, we have worked on behalf of the industry, specifically the non-bank community, to ensure that legislation and advance liquidity solutions are available to meet the needs of the mortgage servicing sector. Specific to our valued correspondent clients, we continue our dedication to be a leading investor and our passion shows through our service and offerings. The correspondent business is core to our franchise, and as the industry progresses through this COVID-19 period, we are focused on providing robust solutions across mandatory and best efforts (both delegated & non-delegated). We thank each of our clients for their business and are cheering for everyone’s safety through this COVID period. Mr. Cooper is a top 10 correspondent investor and the largest non-bank servicer with a servicing portfolio $600B+.”

Axos Bank Wholesale and Correspondent Portfolio Lending continues to provide innovative products and enhanced options. Always a market leader in the Jumbo/Super Jumbo, Non-QM, and portfolio lending space, we offer creative solutions for today’s complex transactions. Maximize your origination opportunities with loan amounts up to $30MM, no cash-out limitations, 90% LTV with asset pledge, 100% financing with cross-collateralization, 12 month bank statements, asset depletion program, foreign national/non-permanent resident alien programs, plus bridge to sale and pledged asset lending. Email Axos to learn more about how Axos Wholesale Lending is delivering exceptional products, service, and support to our mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, and home builder partners during these uncertain times.”

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Customer Satisfaction

Is there a constant in this ever-evolving environment of pandemic impacts? “Yes,” says the May issue of STRATMOR Group’s Insights Report — the need to focus on the customer. In “Creating a Customer-Centric Culture in a Brave New World,” MortgageSAT director Mike Seminari relates findings from STRATMOR’s recent Customer Experience Workshop where the most-asked question by lenders attending was “How do you create a shift in company culture toward customer-centricity?” Seminari offers three steps for building a customer-centric culture and provides tactical suggestions with each step for lenders to implement. This issue of the Insights Report also includes STRATMOR’s COVID-19 Homeowner Experience Report with details from their recent survey of the pandemic’s impact on 1,000 homeowners.

Capital Markets

Without someone who wants to invest in a new mortgage, it won’t be originated. What is going on with U.S. non-QM mortgage bond supply and demand? Although non-QM production is far less than 1 percent of the market, there are indeed signs of life. Last week, Invictus and Angel Oak combined raised $708 million, and names being mentioned include Starwood Property Trust and Neuberger Berman. ThomsonReuters reports that the non-QM RMBS supply has totaled US$4.92bn so far this year, down sharply from the US$9.43bn for the same period in 2019. (For comparison, Ginnie Mae issued $63 billion of mortgage-backed securities in April, one month’s worth. If we do $2.5 trillion this year, non-QM would have to hit $25 billion to even be 1 percent of the market.)

Fannie’s trading desk has updated the Pricing & Execution – Whole Loan FAQs.

As much of the country moves towards reopening many shops and businesses, governors patiently watch the health data for signs of an increase in Covid-19 cases and the potential for a second wave. While it remains too early to assess the full effects in the states that were first to reopen, so far there does not appear to be a new surge in cases. Last week was relatively quiet in DC as lawmakers and the Fed expressed a desire to monitor the effects of the previously enacted relief measures before enacting more stimuli. Expect continued debate over whether the massive budget deficits resulting from more fiscal stimulus will be worse than potential long-term damage resulting from the current recession. This will play out against a backdrop of more than 38 million people and counting filing for unemployment since the start of the pandemic. As some begin to go back to work, markets will adjust their expectations as to what constitutes improvement. Despite activity still being down nearly 90 percent in some sections of the economy we’re already seeing people celebrate any small uptick that could potentially signal a turning point.

Interestingly enough, Treasury yields pulled back yesterday despite escalating global tensions. China’s rubber-stamp legislature approved sweeping national security laws in Hong Kong, defying condemnation of a move democracy advocates and residents of the former British territory warn will allow Beijing to crush free speech, freedom of assembly and a free press. President Trump announced a press conference today to discuss China, with investors speculating the U.S. will take action against the Beijing that could destabilize the global economy. I don’t like sharing my opinion much, but this feels exactly like when Ukraine annexed Crimea a couple years ago: lots of initial outrage followed by what I presume will be slow acquiescence and an accepted new normal.

Let’s focus on some actual economic releases and their impact on the economy. New jobless claims shrank for the first time during the pandemic, a sign that things may be returning to normal, but still posted a multi-million increase (2.123 million) and managed to top 40 million since the pandemic-related shutdowns began in earnest. On an even less positive note, pending home sales slumped to a record in April, posting their second consecutive drop of more than 20 percent and the largest decline since 2010, as lockdowns thwarted buyers. And Q1 GDP was revised downward to -5.0 percent from -4.8 percent, though markets didn’t pay much attention as the presumption is economic activity will rebound in the coming months. The 10-year Treasury yield closed the day +3 bps to 0.71 percent.

COVID will continue to impact world economies well into the future, and in the United States today’s economic calendar is already underway with April Personal Income (+10.5 percent due to unemployment checks!), Personal Spending (-13.6 percent as people put their money in the bank!), April Advance Goods Trade Balance (-$69.68 billion, widening), April Advance Retail Inventories (-3.6 percent), and April Advance Wholesale Inventories (+.4 percent). The month-end calendar closes later this morning with May Chicago PMI and Final May Michigan Consumer Sentiment Survey. The lone Fed speaker sees Chair Powell speaking remotely on the economy in a couple hours. As far as MBS purchases go, the NY Fed will conduct two FedTrade MBS purchase operations totaling up to $4.77 billion today, starting with up to $1.8bn GNII 2.5 percent through 3.5 percent followed by up to $2.97 billion UMBS30 2 percent through 3 percent. A new MBS FedTrade purchase schedule is due in the afternoon. We begin the day with Agency MBS prices better/up by a few ticks and the 10-year yielding .66.



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