I can see it now...

Mortgage offices all over the country were watching the 10 year bond improve today thinking rates were fine.  Did you pay attention to the blog?

Wow!  Look at that MBS deteriorate!

We're down 20-25/32nds at the close today.  Floating looked good this morning, so hopefully you caught the update posts.

Just goes to show you how much MBS can vary from 10 year note.  They went in totally opposite directions today and to a large degree.  So even though investors want to buy bonds, the mortgage headlines are driving them to the more expensive treasuries as opposed to MBS.  How much yield will we have to give them before they come back to the party?  


Days like today also offer a good opportunity to ask for some feedback from you.  We realize that mid-day updates will be much more useful when you don't have check the website to see them.  We are examining the costs and infrastructure involved in getting these updates to you via email or text message.

In addition, we are considering having me host a rate forum conference call each morning.

The likelihood is high that we will offer graphs, trend analysis, 20 minute delayed access to a live graph, a glossary, an FAQ section, a knowledge repository (articles and education on MBS), and perhaps even a forum.

So my question to you now that we've been spending our mornings together for a couple months now is this: what do YOU want to see?

What would it take for this site to be your one and only stop for information on mortgage rate trends and mortgage market analysis?  What's good now?  What could be better?  What do you get elsewhere that you'd rather get all in one place?  What should we stay away from?

Is the level of content too little, too much, too technical, too simple, or just right? 

Finally, as you can imagine, there will be costs for us as we increase the level of value delivered here.  So we'd likely be charging for premium services and continue to offer a less detailed iteration of the current content at no charge (you know, so you'd want to subscribe!).  The great thing is that we want to deliver more content than is available elsewhere, but at a much lower price (so we can get more people involved and educated).  So give us your thoughts on this too.  What's an instant email or text message worth to you in terms of dollars per month?  Preliminarily, we're considering something under $30 per month, which we think will be very well priced for what we will offer.  We'd also offer lower priced options for more limited subscriptions.  So on a day like today where you might not have seen the massive reprice coming had it not been for this site, how much of that money that we potentially saved you do you want to give to us?  (we do not accept starbucks gift cards.)

All joking aside, please hit us up with your feedback.  We have temporarily allocated the following email address to field your comments.  We're eager to improve so please let us know!



- M