Really nice things happening right now as spreads are obviously holding firm vs. treasuries.  What I am liking right now is that the Dow has risen 117 and the S&P has risen 10.77.  These are nearly 1% rises for equities. 

As a result of this, money has logically flowed out of the bond market leaving the price on the 5UST down 10 ticks and the 10UST down 17 ticks.  But because of the firm spreads, Fannie 6.0's are down a scant 3 ticks and the Freddie (I know we never talk about him, the reason being that liquidity is higher on the Fannie side, but only slightly), just moved to 2 ticks down on the day.

It's too early to be utterly excited, but cross your fingers.  Technical indicators are great for today, so we could have a good one, but just stay tuned.