There is no data set to release today in terms of economic reports.

Wal-Mart released earnings higher than expected which is adding to some mild stock gains this morning.

As such, bonds, including mortgage backed securities are unchanged to slightly worse.

Thursday and Friday were such horrible days for rates that they are resisting moving too much higher today despite continuing fears of inflation.  The environment of the immediate future is very unfriendly to bonds.  Market sentiment has turned abruptly towards fearing the inflation boogie man.  This is not good for mortgage rates.

All the market can hope for is some good news for inflation and the safety of MBS's compared to treasury bonds.  Until that happens, floating will continue to be a very big risk.  Even if the economy gets weaker, which I think it will, traders are not liking bonds priced as high as they were in mid January.  Perhaps a ridiculous stock market downturn could mitigate this warning, but that seems unlikely.