MBS Live Recap: Why Did Today's Fed Comments Hurt MBS?

The bond market shifted into a predictable gear for the Friday of the last full trading week of the year (next Friday closes early for Christmas).  That is to say it was fairly uneventful, MBS underperformed vs the 10yr in the afternoon, and market movers punched above their weight.  The most notable example followed comments from the Fed's Waller which laid bare the committee's rationale for accelerating the taper this week.  This managed to surprise the front end of the yield curve to a small extent which only added to MBS underperformance vs longer-term yields.  

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Market Movement Recap
08:49 AM

Bonds flat at first, then rallying fairly sharply into the domestic session.  Omicron concerns underpin.  10yr down 3bps at 1.394.  MBS up nearly an eighth.

02:59 PM

Weaker after Fed's Waller's comments, but not a huge move.  MBS down 1 tick (0.03) at 102-08 (102.25) and 10yr yields still down 2.2bps on the day at 1.402.

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