Bonds Dodge British Bullet But Still Fighting For Survival

The overnight session and especially yesterday's holiday session raised serious concerns about how the week might start for the US bond market.  it was touch and go as late as 10:30am ET, but after that, bonds made it safely back under the technical level at 3.92% and traded near unchanged levels into the PM hours. 

Market Movement Recap
09:18 AM

Huge volatility overseas during holiday session.  Only moderately weaker in the US by comparison.  10yr up 4.3bps at 3.931 and MBS down a quarter point, but with a quarter point still separating buyers and sellers.

11:00 AM

Brisk losses at the 9:30am NYSE open carrying over into the 10am hour now erased.  MBS still down an eighth of a point, but up more than a quarter point from the lows.  10yr yields up only 2.7bps, but down more than 5bps from the AM highs (currently 3.916).

02:06 PM

Recovery continues with MBS and Treasuries both perfectly unchanged on the day.

02:54 PM

Dialing back now on BOE comments.  MBS down 6 ticks (.19) on the day and 10yr yields up 4.1bps to 3.929. 

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