New Yield Highs After Post-Fed Follow-Through and Econ Data

Any time the market goes to sleep on a Fed day in the midst of a big move, there's a stronger than average possibility that overseas markets will add some momentum in the prevailing direction.  That direction is "UP!" as far as rates and yields are concerned.  The overseas FOMO selling brought yields to new long term highs overnight and a big beat in Jobless Claims made for another few bps of selling.  After that, bonds managed to level off fairly well, but they may have benefited from the acceleration in stock selling.

Econ Data / Events
    • Jobless Claims
      • 201k vs 225k f'cast, 221k prev
    • Philly Fed
      • -13.5 vs -0.7 f'cast, 12 prev
    • Philly Fed Prices
      • 25.7 vs 20.8 prev
Market Movement Recap
08:34 AM

Much weaker overnight with additional selling after data.  10s up 8bps at 4.478.  MBS down almost half a point. 

12:52 PM

Calm trading since 9am with MBS down 7 ticks (.22) and 10yr up 7bps at 4.47%.

03:29 PM

Some illiquidity weighing on MBS but still generally flat.  6.0 coupons down roughly a quarter point.  10s up 7.9bps at 4.478

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