Sideways at Weak Levels Despite Monday's Rally

If we wanted to make the case for anything about the first two days of this week being interesting, we'd be forced to lie.  We could say grandiose things that allude to interest rates making some sort of triumphant stand at the castle walls that separate 7%+ mortgage rates and 4%+ Treasury yields from everything lower, but we're really just waiting to see how Wednesday's CPI changes the current sideways grind (which is just a narrow range inside a larger narrow range).

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Market Movement Recap
09:40 AM

Some volatility surrounding 8:20 CME and 9:30 NYSE opens.  MBS up a quarter point.  10s down 2 bps at 4.046.

11:30 AM

Additional gains.  10yr down almost 6bps at 4.008.  MBS up 3/8ths.  

03:47 PM

ZZZzzz...  Same levels as the last update as bonds leveled off after the AM rally.  

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