Uneventful Trading Day Despite Technical Test

For all that we've talked about the 4.32% technical level and considering yields hit the 3pm close at 4.338, one might expect today to have been important, interesting, or eventful.  In truth, it was none of those things as this magnitude of breakout is well within the margin of error typically applied to broad technical targets. Even then, what would a breakout really mean if we're still waiting for Wednesday's Fed events to confirm or reject a breakout?  In other words, Monday can't be anything other than a placeholder.  

Market Movement Recap
09:31 AM

Flat overnight and modestly weaker in early trading.  MBS down an eighth and 10yr up 1.2bps at 4.32.

12:22 PM

Bouncing around the weakest levels of the day.  MBS down 5 ticks (.16) and 10yr up 2.8bps at 4.336.

02:02 PM

Weakest levels of the day with MBS off 7 ticks (.23) and 10yr yields up 3.6bps to 4.344.

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