This morning's post didn't have a strong stance on lock versus float.

We are trending upward currently on 5.5 MBS.  If you are able to check back with this site frequently today, I'm moving the recommendation to a strong float.

The spreads between the 10 year treasury and MBS are so overblown that traders may finally be seeing the comparative value despite the risk aversion currently associated with mortgages.   If the current buying keeps up we will see some decent price improvements today.  Certainly until the curve takes a sharp dive, you should float today. 

I'll report if any such drop occurs.  Another warning sign that you have much more access to would be stocks.  There is no more economic data set to release today, so if stocks rally, oh, say, back towards even on the day (they are down 120 right now), that's a major warning of a price up-tick.  But make sure you check back here for updates as I will do my best to keep you posted on bond movements.  But certainly float for now.