Closing time for MBS and we continued our hot streak right up until the bell, ending on the highs of the day with the 5.5% coupon at 100-31, just a scant 1/32nd from the glorious 101-00 level.

So even though you may be getting reprices for the better now, floating through the weekend is a worthy risk.  Lenders are not pricing the full improvement into the market since we ended on an upward trend.  Come monday, even if the data damages MBS pricing, it likely won't cut us back down to current lender pricing.

Hopefully your weekend will be that much more enjoyable knowing you have some extra money to save on Monday (or at least not have to worry about losing any ground).

Of course if there is a ridiculous shocker of a headline over the weekend or on Monday, we might have to give back some of this improvement, but historically when MBS rises as much as it did today in the last 2 hours of trading, the next business day is safe to float even with negative data.


Have a Good Weekend!