We're back to dead even on the day.  Lenders that priced aggressively right around 10AM might consider an eighth reprice, but not a high likelihood.  Probably still safe, but know this: with the data in and the conclusions drawn, everyone has punched out and volume is WAY down.  As you know from recent previous experience, this makes each trade from here on out today count more than it normally would towards changing prices.  If you like what you see right now, the most conservative end of the safety spectrum suggests locking now.

in fact, as I'm typing our Italian flag is losing most of its green.  It's not a sure fire indicator of continuing weakness, but the risk is there.  If we slip to 100-12 on the 6.0, I'd say it's a sure reason to lock for your short term pipe.  Long term, floating should still be the way to go.  We'll let you know ASAP if the 6.0 price hits the 100-12 mark.