As we mentioned, it is nearly impossible to predict with certainty that locking in the morning on a given day is a wise choice, but we reluctantly did so today.  As it happened, MBS ended near the lows of the day which should keep disgruntled LO's from setting fire to our houses for yet one more day (see the graph below).  We won't always be right when we take a firm stance on locking (as it really is a 50/50 chance), and as you know the tenor of this website is more to educate you to draw your own conclusions than to simply tell you when to lock.  Still, we'll be happy to point out when we hit the nail on the head on the rare occasions that we make a firm lock recommendation as we did today.  We hope we're saving you and your clients lots of money, and can continue to do so through these uncertain times.  At least for today we know we saved you the expense of lighting your favorite "angry mob" torch and driving to our houses!