This chart shows a 2 day price on the 6.0 starting yesterday.  It takes a few more liberties than a trend channel should, but it does suggest an ending value of 100-05 today.  This is probably too aggressive, but still one of the possibilities.

Note the breakout this morning.  Sometimes, price will return to the trend channel after breaking out.  Considering that the breakout occured before scheduled data was released, it is more acceptable.  

Nonetheless, we've just fallen to 99-28, which is up 3 ticks day over day, but down 3 ticks from our highs.  Whichever chart you're looking at, this suggests the immediate risk of sideways or downwards momentum.  Traders following market technicals may react to this by adding on to selling right now, so if you have rates already be hypervigilant.  We could be sliding a bit fairly soon.