BEST RATE OF THE DAY:  5.75% with a 5.99 APR

LOCK RECOMMENDATION: Rates are well below their 50, 100, and 200 day moving averages.  So although rates may continue to get lower, our lock recommendation is strong:  "Lock em if you got em!" 

Don't expect a lot to happen today.

The last five times that the Dow was down the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, it was up again the Friday after.  So the current 100+ point gain is to be expected and trading is light.

 There is not a significant impact to bonds despite the small rally in stocks.  The 10 year note is yield is currently at 4.01.  Mortgage backed bonds are also holding relatively steady.

Because of this, and the lack of any major economic reports today, don't expect any movement in rates unless something unexpected happens in the stock market.

Our best 30 year fixed rate is the same as Wednesday