As mortgage banking consultants and advisers, we have an opportunity to talk to many folks in our industry on a daily basis.  These folks come from all aspects of the real estate lending space - mortgage originators, mortgage bankers, warehouse lenders, banks, correspondent investors, technology companies, service providers, etc.

If we get a call from a mortgage originator, the conversation generally revolves around production questions.  How can I increase my loan volume?  Or, how do I develop a sales strategy and measure the effectiveness?  

Mortgage bankers call us looking for ways to increase revenues, reduce expenses and expand their warehouse lines.  Some mortgage bankers are looking for more capital to support their growth or to partner with another mortgage banker because they can't support their growth. Some things in nature never change:  "You are either hunting for food or about to be hunted as food".

We also get a chance to talk to people from the warehouse lending and investor space.  It is pretty good time for the remaining warehouse lenders and investors.  There's not a lot companies in those two spaces today as a result of the financial meltdown last year. 

And of course, everyone else calls us to talk about their products and services that support both the originator and mortgage banker.  There are some great things in the market place today to support loan originators and mortgage bankers.  From marketing and lead management to work flow process and imaging, there are many cool products and services to help increase revenues, lower costs and reduce risk. 

The only group we rarely get a call from are the mortgage regulators.  We actually would like to talk with them more, but we do hear a lot of intel from everyone else.  Mortgage professionals can expect three things in life:  Death, taxes and regulators. 

Stay tuned for some observations, thoughts and ideas based on our daily dialogue with our clients, friends and industry participants.  Tomorrow we'll have some thoughts about loan officer recruiting.

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