Sunday morning I was trying to explain to my cat Myrtle how the total cost of rescuing a stranded Matt Damon in all of his films (think Saving Private Ryan, Interstellar, The Martian) was an estimated $900 billion. She was not impressed, seeing as a) the scent of turkey in the refrigerator that is more captivating, and b) she overhears billions continually being talked about in this business. For example, in September of 2008 the agreement the Treasury made with both GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises, namely Freddie and Fannie) specified that in exchange for future support and capital investments of up to US$100 billion in each GSE, at the inception of the conservatorship, each GSE shall issue to the Treasury US$1 billion of senior preferred stock, with a 10% coupon, without cost to the Treasury. There were also stock warrants involved. Wanna buy stock in the GSEs? Read this first. Why should LOs care about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? About 70 percent of applications are for conventional conforming loans, so it makes sense to pay attention to their future. And everyone, and their uncle, has an opinion about the “Frannie.” More below!

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Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Caught in a Crossfire

Scores of thousands of originators just want to help their clients with financing. While they’re doing that, however, the upper echelons of residential lending are focused on some potentially big changes – or not – which could impact pricing or the availability of credit for large swaths of borrowers.

American Banker’s Hannah Lang writes, “The Trump administration has moved forward on a plan to privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but Joe Biden appointees could take steps to slow or stop their release from conservatorship.”

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (the federal regulator who oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) is pushing to speed up F&F’s exit from 12 years of government control through conservatorship. But Mark Calabria, who runs the FHFA, has yet to reach an agreement he needs with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Both of them have made it a priority to return Fannie and Freddie to private hands, but how that is done will impact the cost and availability of conventional conforming home loans.

Recall that the CEO of Freddie Mac and senior management at Fannie Mae announced departures (after the results of the election were determined). Most expect little to change regarding housing finance reform, but stranger things have happened. We won't know which party will control the Senate until the Georgia runoff election, chances are that Republicans will hold the chamber and we will be looking at divided government. As Brent Nyitray observed, “True housing reform will have to be accomplished legislatively, and with COVID front and center it probably won't have the urgency to get considered, at least in the near future. Given the new administration's focus on perceived systemic racism in lending, the government will want to keep F&F on a short leash in order to push affordable housing goals.”

Last week the FHFA announced a final rule which establishes a new regulatory capital framework for F&F to ensure safety and soundness. It is similar to the proposed rule published earlier this year but made some modifications in response to comments. Namely, it  increases the dollar amount of capital relief for the GSEs’ credit risk transfers, reduces the credit risk capital requirements for single-family mortgage exposure subject to Covid-19 related forbearance, and increases the exposure level risk-weight floor for single-family and multifamily mortgage exposures to 20 percent. The final rule takes effect 60 days after publication in the Federal Register (which is printed every day).

According to a fact sheet released in conjunction with the announcement, the final rule preserves key enhancements contained within the proposed rule. For example, ensuring each GSE “maintains high-quality regulatory capital by including a set of supplemental capital requirements, strengthening the quality of regulatory capital, including backstop leverage requirements, and addressing pro-cyclicality through measures such as capital buffers and single-family mortgage exposure countercyclical adjustments.

But the MBA President and CEO, Bob Broeksmit, CMB, released a statement expressing MBA’s disappointment that FHFA did not adequately address several concerns identified by MBA when the framework was re-proposed. The framework features a high level of required capital that likely will raise borrowing costs for consumers and adversely affect the availability of credit. Further, the harsh treatment of credit risk transfer mechanisms is unlikely to provide sufficient incentives for the GSEs to engage in significant levels of this activity, concentrating more risk at the GSEs.

Isaac Boltansky with Compass Point Research and Trading has some well-written thoughts from the FHFA’s Capital Rule, released last week. “At the highest level, the final rule is structurally and substantively similar to the original proposal with only a handful of consequential changes. Using data as of 2Q20, the GSEs would need to hold an aggregate $283.4B in capital compared to $262.7B under the re-proposal released earlier this year.

“On the positive front, this rule envisions an abundance of capital that should buoy the GSEs through seemingly any economic cycle and there was a modest softening of the capital treatment for CRT. Furthermore, with this in the rearview mirror, the FHFA will now focus on the PSPA amendment, which is the next mile marker on the road to ending the conservatorships.

“On the negative front, this rule envisions an overabundance of capital that could negatively impact the GSE return profiles, any future effort to raise equity capital, and mortgage credit availability if G-Fees are forced to move higher. Furthermore, it appears that the risk-based requirements were increased at least in part to counter criticisms stemming from the leverage requirement being binding under the proposal. Finally, our sense is that the CRT shifts will not reverse the uneconomical construct introduced in the proposal, which leads us to believe that new issuance may remain subdued.”

Capital Markets

What moved rates toward the end of last week? A letter late Thursday from Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to Fed Chair Powell saying that certain emergency lending programs (including backstops for the municipal- and corporate bond markets) would expire at the end of the year as scheduled did not help investor sentiment. Chair Powell had expressed support early last week for extending several key lending facilities (e.g. Municipal Liquidity Facility, Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility) that are due to expire at the end of the year. The Treasury Department also sent the central bank a list of unused funds meant to backstop five emergency lending facilities to be repaid, and the central bank said it would comply with that request.

The Treasury Secretary believes his agency and the Fed have plenty of firepower to support the economy, while the Fed is believed to strongly oppose the move, saying it is too soon to put down its emergency tool kit. It may force the Fed’s hand at its December 16-17 meeting to shift its purchases to longer-dated Treasuries, release a more-detailed bond-buying plan, or potentially change its pace of QE as an imperfect substitute for the expiring credit market backstops.

Black Knight reported Mortgage delinquencies improved for the fifth consecutive month in October (-105k), falling another 3.3% from September to reach the lowest level since March (6.44%). Still, the 3.4 million homeowners past due on their mortgages represents nearly twice as many delinquencies as there were at the start of the year. In better news, it reported the number of high-quality refinance candidates to approximately 19.4 million, for an aggregate potential monthly savings of $5.98 billion, both the highest on record. This comes as Freddie Mac announced 13th record low this year on the 30-year fixed rate mortgage average at 2.72% last week.

This holiday-shortened week is busy with data and month-end supply (usual T-bills as well as the 2-, 5- and 7-year notes). Economic highlights include Markit PMIs, consumer confidence, personal income/spending, durable goods, GDP, new home sales and the FOMC minutes from the November 4-5 meeting. In addition, FHFA HPI for September will be released tomorrow with the FHFA likely announcing the new conforming loan limit (currently $510,400) shortly thereafter.

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index for October (+.51 to .83) led off today’s calendar. Later this morning brings preliminary November Markit manufacturing and services PMIs and remarks from San Francisco Fed President Daly and Chicago Fed President Evans. The NY Fed Desk will purchase up to $20.8 billion over the first three days of this week. Today’s schedule totals $6.9 billion maximum over all three classes: $1.2 billion UMBS15 1.5% and 2.0%, $3.7 billion UMBS30 1.5% and 2.0%, and $2 billion GNII 2.0% and 2.5%. We begin the week with Agency MBS prices down/worse a few ticks and the 10-year yielding .85 after closing last week at 0.83%.


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