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  • 12/3/07 - RATE IMPROVEMENT

    by Matthew Graham on December 03 2007, 11:46 AM
    30 YEAR FIXED NOTE RATE = 5.5% LOCK RECOMMENDATION: < ONE WEEK = LOCK > ONE WEEK AGGRESSIVE = FLOAT > ONE WEEK MODERATE = FLOAT > ONE WEEK CONSERVATIVE = LOCK The Institute for Supply Management released it's index this morning. Though the...
  • 11/30/07 - HOLDING STEADY

    by Matthew Graham on November 30 2007, 4:57 PM
    The 30 year fixed PAR rate is unchanged from yesterday. Stocks and bond yeilds are both up on Bernanke's comments regarding the Fed's awareness and intention to combat an impending recession. Economic data releases continue to show a weakening economy...
  • 11/29/07 - Slight Improvement

    by Matthew Graham on November 29 2007, 5:34 PM
    Best 30 Year Fixed PAR Rate: 5.625% Lock Recommendation: Cautious Float A lot of economic released today, but none of it earth-shattering. Mortgages rates are finding slight support from what is generally perceived to be a weakening market. The DOW is...
  • 11/28/07 - Big Gains in dow, little movement in mortgage rates

    by Matthew Graham on November 28 2007, 5:36 PM
    The Dow has continued upward today led by Financials, Google, Amazon, and Ebay, currently up over 250 points. Most are attributing this to several factors: 1. Fed Vice Chairman Donald Kohn suggested the possibility of future rate cuts in a Speech to the...
  • 11/27/07 - 2 STEPS FORWARD, 2 STEPS BACK

    by Matthew Graham on November 27 2007, 4:50 PM
    30 YEAR FIXED NOTE RATE = 5.75%Daily quoted rate is always the closest to the PAR rate from our best lenders. It can include fees depending on how you structure you loan. It also depends on qualifications.

    by Matthew Graham on November 26 2007, 2:07 PM
    IMPROVEMENT : APPROXIMATELY .125% DISCOUNT POINT COMMENT: More concerns on wall street about "credit crunch" are having effects on the markets. The Dow is currently only down about 50 points, but the FED's announcement to pump capital into the ailing...
  • 11/26/07 Slight Improvement

    by Matthew Graham on November 26 2007, 11:53 AM
    30 YEAR FIXED = 5.75% NOTE RATE. 5.87% Annual Percentage Rate takes loan fees into account. There are lower and higher rates available depending on how you structure your loan. Not everyone would qualify for today's best 30 year rate.
  • 11/23/07 - Black Friday, Boring Market Day

    by Matthew Graham on November 23 2007, 4:25 PM
    BEST RATE OF THE DAY: 5.75% with a 5.99 APR LOCK RECOMMENDATION: Rates are well below their 50, 100, and 200 day moving averages. So although rates may continue to get lower, our lock recommendation is strong: "Lock em if you got em!" Don't expect a lot...
  • 11/21/07 - Morning Update

    by Matthew Graham on November 21 2007, 4:07 PM
    As I am getting rates emailed in from lenders, I am seeing the .125-.375% improvement in cost as predicted. One of our best lenders is actually 0.5% better day over day. This is huge and is the reason for the following rate quote today: 30 year fixed...
  • 11/21/2007 - Good Morning. Good Rates.

    by Matthew Graham on November 21 2007, 3:33 PM
    In a recent poll, 40% of Americans think we are headed toward a recession. Whether we are or we aren't, the economic news today is negative. The very important Consumer Sentiment metric fell to its lowest point in two years which is not good news for...
  • 11/20/07 Mid Day Update

    by Matthew Graham on November 21 2007, 12:25 AM
    As a result of an ambiguous reading of the FOMC's meeting minutes and a confused response by the markets, many lenders have repriced this afternoon slightly for the worse. The reprice averages 12.5 basis points or rather, the same loan now costs 0.125...
  • Another Good Day for Mortgage Rates!

    by Matthew Graham on November 20 2007, 8:38 PM
    We had a great yesterday sparked by the huge sell of in the Dow. As investors move money out of stocks, they put them in bonds which raises the price of bonds and lowers the yield. The yield moves with interest rates. Today started off with a small rally...
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