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  • MBS OPEN: Supply Picks Up

    by AQ on April 16 2009, 9:14 AM
    Asian markets had mixed reactions to China's release of GDP data overnight. China reported its economy grew at a pace of 6.1% vs. 6.8% in the previous quarter. Analysts were expecting the economy to grow at 6.3%. Although data was "worse than...
  • MBS OP-ED: The Outlook for Mortgage Rates

    by Bill Berliner on April 15 2009, 5:35 PM
    The recent actions of the Federal Reserve have pushed fixed mortgage rates to all-time lows. The Freddie Mac survey rate, a time-honored proxy for consumer rates, recently hit an all-time low of 4.87%, and qualifying borrowers can find sub-5% rates fairly...
  • MBS UPDATE: Were You Locking Loans Today?

    by AQ on April 15 2009, 4:16 PM
    This morning mortgage banks took advantage of high dollar MBS bids (a lot of YSP) and locked in some profits to protect their pipelines from interest rate risk. We're you locking loans today? Today was a good day to lock based off the blend of investor...
  • MBS MID DAY: Turning Positive On The Day

    by Matthew Graham on April 15 2009, 1:12 PM
    For the time being, it looks like the "top is in" for stocks and tsy yields. At least the optimists in us would hope that's the case. The chart illustrates the turn for stocks and bonds, which has allowed MBS to avoid getting pulled lower...
  • MBS UPDATE: Back To The Middle Of The Range.

    by Matthew Graham on April 15 2009, 12:46 PM
    Utter sell-off averted for the time being despite both Treasury yields and stock indeces making like the yodeler from The Price Is Right. All Coupon levels in MBS are 3 ticks down on the day currently, with our benchmark 4.0's at 100-06 and 4.5's...

    by AQ on April 15 2009, 11:37 AM
    Stocks continue to strengthen and TSY traders have turned bearish. Consequently the yield curve has steepened several bps and rate sheet influential MBS prices have fallen 7 ticks. Aggressive lenders may reprice for the worse.
  • MBS MORNING: Are Rates Going Any Lower?

    by AQ on April 15 2009, 10:20 AM
    Most economic data is out. The Dow and S&P turned positive following stronger than expected manufacturing data from the New York Fed, even though the CPI report indicated consumer prices recorded their first annual decline since 1955 (deflationary...
  • MBS OPEN: Happy Tax Day

    by AQ on April 15 2009, 8:30 AM
    Good Morning. Happy Tax Day. We have an eventful schedule today so lets get started.... In overseas sessions the Nikkei traded to the downside and the Hang Seng made marginal gains. In Europe, equity indices are being led lower by the financial sector...
  • MBS CLOSE: Busy Day Tomorrow...

    by AQ on April 14 2009, 7:25 PM
    MBS traded in a stable upward trend channel all day ( see last post for chart ) . Reprices for the better were reported, but republished rates were not widespread. Treasury yields also moved lower throughout the day as stocks sold off on weak retail sales...
  • MBS AFTERNOON: You are Due!!!

    by AQ on April 14 2009, 3:43 PM
    You getting any reprices for the better yet? You are due.... Since 5pm "Going Out" Marks.... FN30_______________________________ FN 4.0 -------->>>> +0-08 to 100-05 from 99-29 FN 4.5 -------->>>> +0-07 to 102-01 from...
  • MBS LUNCH: Obama Speech Reactions

    by AQ on April 14 2009, 1:04 PM
    Well..overall not much MBS reaction to that speech....President Obama continues to use his rhetorical skill set to lead taxpayers across an economic "doom and gloom" tight rope. In a speech titled "A New Foundation" President Obama...
  • MBS UPDATE: Listening to the President

    by AQ on April 14 2009, 11:43 AM
    Post Moved HERE
  • MBS UPDATE: Listening to the President

    by AQ on April 14 2009, 11:43 AM
    MBS prices have been moving higher all morning while stock markets bounce around in a wide range. President Obama just stepped up to the podium to "explain his strategy as clearly as he can" (strategy to save the world from global depression...
  • MBS OPEN: Looking For Directional Guidance

    by AQ on April 14 2009, 8:45 AM
    Good Morning All. Time for the children to return to school and for parents to refocus on one of those four letter words...WORK!!! Just in case you missed it...yesterday one reader (it was Edgar!) asked us what the prospects were for Fannie Mae getting...
  • MBS CLOSE: Tight Range with No Traffic

    by AQ on April 13 2009, 7:46 PM
    Hello All. I was out for the majority of the day so I missed most of the MBS session...on a positive note I did manage to travel the DC beltway with no periods of protracted braking riding/bumper hovering/bubble gum machine watching" (slowing down...
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