This recap won't be too terribly different from the morning update on MBS Live.  In fact, that's about all the more complicated today ended up being.  The Bank of England (BOE) unleashed more stimulus than markets expected, so markets rallied.

It's the same old story: major central bank says it will put more money into financial markets.  Financial markets like it.

Specifically, the BOE didn't exceed expectations when it came to dropping rates, but officials noted the likelihood of another rate cut at the next meeting.  Expectations for stimulus were, however, exceeded.  The bank upped its bond buying program by 50 billion pounds and set aside 10 billion for "non-financial corporate bonds."  

US 10yr yields dropped instantly, though not by too terribly much at first.  Over the next several hours, yields crept to the lowest levels since Monday.  Fannie 3.0s can make a similar claim (highest prices since Monday).  As such, we approach tomorrow's jobs report with bond markets once again testing the stronger boundaries of their respective ranges.

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FNMA 3.0
103-32 : +0-07
10 YR
1.5020 : -0.0400
Pricing as of 8/4/16 5:45PMEST

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10:03AM  :  Steady Bond Buying Now Breaking Important Levels

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Christopher Stevens  :  "Well they wanted to make sure this was in place...the CFPB has expanded protections for consumers in several key areas, including providing borrowers with foreclosure protection more than once over the life of the loan,"
Ted Rood  :  "Do borrowers with files in progress need to put closings on hold until they've reviewed it?"
Ted Rood  :  "Is that the actual rule, or the summary?"
Christopher Stevens  :  "The CFPB has published a 900 page final rule on mortgage servicing...thank goodness."