• Nothing notable happened today
  • Trading amounted to an inconsequential epilogue to an interesting story that ended yesterday
  • bonds were slightly weaker and sideways

It will be a struggle for me to say anything worthwhile about today's trading session--at least if I take as much space to do it as normal.  So perhaps my lamentation of the pointlessness of this analysis ends up being the analysis itself.

Traders feel the same way, to be sure.  Today reeked of clock-punching trades.  There was no conviction and no apparent strategy--just the very logical, safe continuation of yesterday's trend.  See?

2016-4-22 week in 10's

So today's best recap would actually be one of the recaps from the past 2 days.  Here's yesterday's.  Apart from that, there are more recap-esque thoughts in attached video, and MBS Live members can always stay up to date with the Huddle.

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FNMA 3.0
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10 YR
1.8910 : +0.0210
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10:28AM  :  ALERT ISSUED: At Weakest Levels, Even as Stocks Sell

MBS Live Chat Highlights
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Hugh W. Page  :  "MG: Your ending quote in the Huddle left me less doom and gloom than earlier in the day so thanks. "Bottom line: today is an inconsequential epilogue to the story told over the past 2 days""
Matthew Graham  :  "I started talking but the guy on the other end just asked me if I'd like to buy some bonds."
Sung Kim  :  "he just made the call"
Gavin Luckman  :  "Need sub 1.8 next week. MG make it happen brother"