Yes, you'll probably see reprices if you haven't already. MBS have continued to "hang out" near the lows of the day. MBS are currently at 99-27+, but have been more prone to be in the 99-25 range. In fact, as we live and breathe and type, communicating current price levels to you now is a hopeless endeavor as even insanely fast typing speeds cannot keep up with the price volatility.

So EVEN if we go back over 99-27 for any sort of stable period, (this is a price floor lying on the 62% retracement level on both an intraday and two day intraday chart.

But the reassuring thing is that notwithstanding the volatility within this range, in the broader range between 99-23 and 99-28, we are more or less stabilized.

The stock lever is exerting a significant effect currently, and a potential extension to the short selling ban expiration date is being closely watched by traders on both sides. Stay tuned. If you're in the float club. Keep HOPE alive.