It won't make it to the news outlets for another 20 minutes or so, but what I'm hearing from the live bond feed forum is that the LEI is down 2%, slightly worse than expected, and the Consumer Sentiment came in at 80.5, higher than expected

On this mixed data combined with advanced in blue chips, MBS's are inching slightly lower currently with 5.0% coupon at 99 and 17/32nds.

This will not have a major impact on rates, if any from yesterday due to the strength in the afternoon.  Still, a rallying stock market throughout the day could be bad news for reprices later today.  Keep an eye on the stock market and stay tuned... 

If you have a lender with an early rate sheet, safest bet is to lock today as we could see a big rally due to technical "rebound" factors and the stronger than expected Consumer sentiment numbers.  Stocks continue to shoot up as I wrote this, and bonds worsened by 1-2/32nds.