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Ted Rood
Senior Originator,  Bayshore Mortgage
2333 Plum Grove Dr
O'Fallon,  Missouri  63368
Made the move to Bayshore Mortgage, where I'm experiencing the fastest turn times I've seen in my 20 year career.
I'm thrilled to announce I am now at Homesite Mortgage, a lender focusing on new construction mortgages for Lombardo Homes. Of course, I still provide refinance and purchase loans as well.
Thanks to Holden Lewis and Hal Brundrick for asking my thoughts on the shutdown's impact on mortgage lending!
Man, what a 2 weeks it has been! Rates up 3/4s of a % since November 9. This is getting crazy!
Wow, what a sharp rate rise! We've basically gone up .75% in RATE since Nov 9. That's the worst two week loss I've seen since 2004!
Closed another loan for parents buying a home for their disabled child today. Can't think of anything I've done in this business that's more gratifying!
It is tax day, and an appropriate time for borrower tax tips. Here they are, hot off the presses:{uname=trood}
Just in time for Valentine's Day, here's another edition of "Borrower Do's and Don'ts"!
Too little, too late? Fannie and Freddie announce HARP program expansions (for a select group of borrowers):
FHA is at it again. They have toughened credit requirements, making it harder for buyers to qualify. Here is my take from MND:{uname=trood}
Fed Statement leaked early today. Here's their advance draft version:{uname=trood}
Confused on the difference between being preapproved or prequalified? Here is some important info on the crucial distinctions:
Fannie Mae allows parents to buy homes for their college or disabled children with as little as 5% down. Great program, here is some info:
Planning on buying a home or refinancing? For best results, follow these helpful tips:
Rates trending up, as we have been discussing on MND daily rate outlook column. I have a lot of clients who have decided it is time to stop waiting and start saving!
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