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Ted Rood
Senior Originator,  Homesite Mortgage
2299 Technology Dr,  Suite 285
O'Fallon,  Missouri  63368
"Since buyers obtaining mortgages on lower priced homes have similar scores to those buying more costly properties, is it possible that the prevalence of cash sales for cheap houses is because investors buy a higher % of them, and often eschew mortgages in favor of cash? That's my hunch."    View Comment
"The Urban Institute released the study and its conclusions. Whether they are accurate or not (I too feel they're ignoring economic conditions, which are vastly more important to defaults than appraisals), Jann was not the source for any conclusions."    View Comment
"Good to see this quantified, but it's hardly surprising that greater equity leads to more timely mortgage payments."    View Comment
"I didn't write it!"    View Comment
"The most surprising thing here is that ARM rates are scarcely lower than fixed these days, only .25-.375% in most cases. I wrote a LOT of ARMs when they were .75% or more below fixed rates, but haven't seen any borrowers recently who opted for ARMs."    View Comment
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