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Ted Rood
Senior Loan Officer ,  MB Financial Bank
233 Millwell Ave
Maryland Heights,  Missouri  63043
"This is a valid concern, and I've long been appalled at lenders misleading borrowers with names like Veterans United,, etc that imply connections with the VA. While VA IRRRLs are great products (especially for funding fee exempt borrowers), "skipping" a payment or two/getting an escrow refund is never a valid borrower benefit to justify refinancing. The abusive lenders are simple to spot, the question is who will deter their predatory practices."    View Comment
"I'm sure there will always be properties that don't have similar, recent comps nearby, but for those that do, AVM's for well qualified borrowers seem like a no-brainer. One would hope DU takes the purchase price into account when it determines waivers, guessing home sellers and agents would be reticent to reduce sales prices due to low AVMs."    View Comment
"It hardly seems surprising to me that principle reductions alone were insufficient to lower defaults. If you can't make your payments, it hardly matters whether you're upside down or not on your mortgage balance."    View Comment
"Thanks for your comments, glad you found my info helpful."    View Comment
"Appreciate it, Jim. Jan and Carey have been in their home for 18 months now, love it, and it was an honor to be able to assist two disabled veterans and their family."    View Comment
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