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Tim Rood
Managing Director,  The Collingwood Group
1700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 200
Washington,  District of Columbia  20006
"Don, Throwing melons from the cheap seats sure is fun, right? And calling me "Mr. Rude" helps me understand the maturity level and intellect that I'm dealing with. Best of luck with your recovery and learning the other 700 functions of an HP 12C ( it does more than calculate mortgage payments and present value calcs, but i'm sure you knew that)."    View Comment
"Frank, i think you've about nailed it."    View Comment
"Where does one go when they "leave the labor market"? are these people going to school, staying home with the kids, getting their band back together, what? I just can't wrap my head around it this morning..."    View Comment
"Paul, I agree one thousand percent."    View Comment
"Frank, I agree with you."    View Comment
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