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Dennis Lykins
Branch Manager,  CrossCountry Mortgage
1904 N Woodbine Rd
Saint Joseph,  Missouri  64506
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"I like this! it is funny, even though it is true, it is to the point and it leaves little doubt about the seriousness of issues that we deal with on a day to day basis! I like you, Ted! :) dennis"    View Comment
"maybe it is just me, but i'm up to my eyebrows with "enhancements', "improvements", suggestions and mandates by a congress that is unable to tie their shoes. I say leave FHA alone, seems they are pretty good at balancing their books over the past 80+years, certainly better than most of our government agencies. passing legislation on congressional term limits AND line item veto would make me believe again in "we the people"."    View Comment
"what a waste of time and taxpayer money. truly unfortunate what this has come to."    View Comment
"I'm with you, Ted."    View Comment
"Option One has a rush fee $14???? so ..... a borrower will now choose a lender with a rush fee of $10 instead of $14 because it makes sense? There is little sense in any of this to justify the $550 million spent thus far with this new agency. no disrespect to Elizabeth Warren or the concept of protecting consumers from bank hokey pokey, however none of this addressess the reasons that have brought down the world economy. Some people should just have been shot for the greed and fraud that were practiced..."    View Comment
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