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"Ted the Economic Downturn will come when they stop and rates go up.. The two major areas showing the best signs of recovery is Auto and Housing.. As much as everyone wants to pretend rising rates won't take down the housing recovery is sadly mistaken. It's not that LO's want QE infinity we just don't want our industry and business suddenly collapsing.. My business model is 80% purchase and makes me nervous of the fall out in home purchasing."    View Comment
"This is like a warm up for UFC tomorrow... Love all the information being thrown around."    View Comment
"Effective Demand, always enjoy the counter points of the financial advisor. Your spin of course is different so you can sell your products to your clients, if you spin it any other way they'll be sitting on the sidelines. However its the opposit effect in our business trying to sell rates to our clients. The fact of the matter some things are imporving and somethings are not, glass half empty or half full. The overall economy at the end of the day will come down to jobs and even though layoffs..."    View Comment
"I disagree with some of what you're saying ED. Based on my experience of being a realtor and now an LO. BPO's are just opinions, no different than the opinion of the broker to a client to list their home. There's not one home on the market that I'm aware of that an appraisal was done to figure out the selling price. Since agents and the market set selling prices it would make sense for the bank to use the realtor the same as every other person selling their home. Appraisers are stuck..."    View Comment
"Why would we want to model our pay plan after Wells Fargo? They are currently and will continue to rape their LO's. This is why most, not all are just order takers."    View Comment
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