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"Thomas, Why ruin a good rum? At this point, Rocks and any liquor will do."    View Comment
"Any thought to us tapping 3% one more time before the treasury rally set's in and drives the yield to the 2.65 range?"    View Comment
"Same question... I sense a lot of Bullish indicators for the economy this week. Is this the calm before the storm?"    View Comment
"Nothing beats pure sarcasm. With the stock market still at the yearly highs, why have we seen the major drop in the TSY over the last 5 days? Flight to quality after the late July/early August Bull Run?"    View Comment
"Matt, I don't chime it much. But I read you guys every day. You bring up a common scenario for people on both sides of the transaction, customers and loan officer. As a broker, I know what I would do if the customer was that adamant about lower rates after locking. Flip banks and make him pay for another appraisal becasue of the HVCC requirements. Curious, how would you handle that customer?"    View Comment
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