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"It is amazing how the talking heads can be so wrong and yet all we hear is that unemployment is 9% and the low jobs created number does not matter. I tell ya these guys could make Mario Mendoza look like a good major league hitter."    View Comment
"According to those in the know the 2011 draft picks will be the last batch to take advantage of the current agreement and come 2012 is when the changes will be put in place. Believe me I get the stay in school and have fun. Who the heck wants to start working in the real world, but is the NFL the real world as a top draft pick? @Jason I understand about the insurance policy which I am sure will be pretty steep (to cover his potential earnings)? Not sure how great the income is as the AD of WV but..."    View Comment
"Okay so that does protect him from getting hurt which is great but what about the fact that the new CBA is almost guaranteed to chop rookie salaries a whole bunch. If he does not want to go to Carolina then enter the draft do not hire an agent. Make it clear like others have that he does not want to play in Carolina. I read somewhere that Elway said he wants Luck. I think John would do everything he could to get the #1 pick."    View Comment
"Jim is it the right choice to forgo the chance to be set for life? Especially when he will most likely come out next year anyways but potentially take a whole lot less to do it. What if he gets hurt next year at Stanford? I just see a whole lot of risk to go back to school. No matter how smart the kid is if he gets hurt and cannot play in the NFL he loses out on a whole lot of money. The CBA is expected to change and rookie pay is definitely one of the targets. I get the stay in school thing and..."    View Comment
"Good morning. So if the Fed minutes reveal what is said above what would that mean for rates?"    View Comment
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