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Gina L. Pogol
Mortgage and Finance Writer / Editor,  QuinStreet (
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Foster City,  California  94404
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"It says free appraisal "reports." Not free appraisals. I'd guess it means that applicants are entitled to see their valuation or appraisal. Every lender I worked for did that anyway."    View Comment
"@Anthony Behm, the study the author referenced was conducted by Stanford University and did indeed conclude that consumers who obtained at three quotes paid $1,000 less than those who got one, and people who got four quotes saved a median of about $1,300. A HUD study a few years ago reached a similar conclusion."    View Comment
"Re: Obama's plan to reform mortgage markets, how does FHA relinquish market share by INCREASING its loan limits? Is the "FHA conforming" loan a new product? On the Romney side, it says that he will replace agency dollars with private dollars but provided no specific plan for doing so. This seems to open up more questions than it answers."    View Comment
"I predicted that this would happen over a year ago in one of my columns.Because it's the applicant's cash flow that's important, not "income" which can be defined in so many ways. Reputable stated income lenders used to extrapolate an applicant's income by verifying assets -- you had to have at least six months of the income stated."    View Comment
"Well, there should be some consequences if you dump the deficiency on the lender. If you sign a promissory note and did not skip mortgage payments, they shouldn't ding your credit."    View Comment
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