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"So, let me understand (and I realize this may be a silly question) - does this mean that NEW FHA loans will not allow the removal of mortgage insurance, or that ALL loans new and old will not be allowed to remove the mortgage insurance? The difference is massive of course - if ALL loans will be affected by this, we will have a new refi craze - OUT of FHA before the rates rise and they're all stuck in mortgage insurance for life.. with these low rates, they may never be able to refi out again..."    View Comment
"Should have shorted bonds as a hedge... yep, sure should have...."    View Comment
"Agree with Curt. My loan is sold to an investor in China and I have to hope to get paid?? I'll start a car wash first. Oh wait, you should see the hoops you have to go through to get one of THOSE going in California right now! Lol... I have said this dozens of times: All the majority of brokers did was sell the product that the LENDERS put out!!! That's all we can do! You lenders set the rules for the programs!!!!"    View Comment
"I guess I'm ready for another round with this. Collin, I guess the question of adulthood and making decisions for yourself come into play here. If you agree that there were (and are still) places where these "risky" (let's take the quotes off, they are risky)... risky loans are reasonable to use, then the argument is who should make the decision for the borrower, if not the borrower - assuming the borrower has all the information, of course, and was completely clear what he was..."    View Comment
"Well, I don't find the writer's comments accusatory like some people seem to, but I will echo somewhat similar thoughts - I have been doing things that way from the start, and as a result, my referral business is a big part of my production. Most of my clients are clients for life, and it's because of acting fairly and correctly in doing business. I don't fault the questioner though, because in order to make the choice to do the right thing, it must be understood what is wrong and..."    View Comment
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