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phone: (678) 419-5064
mobile: (678) 575-1035
fax: (678) 589-9028
Paul L. Martin
Mortgage Banker,  First Citizens Bank
3300 Cumberland Blvd., ,  Suite 100
Atlanta,  Georgia  30339
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"Anthony....please take some personal responsibility. You say that you have two years of mortgage payments unaccounted for? Do you open your checking and mortgage statements every month to make sure there are no problems? Do you save your records? Do you pull your free credit report once per year as allowed by law? You don't need to have an advanced degree or be an expert in mortgages, just some basic home economics knowledge on how to balance a checkbook. And more, you have protections under..."    View Comment
"US DATA: The ABC News Consumer Comfort Index deteriorated on all fronts, with the headline number down to 46 in the Feb 6 wk vs -41 in the Jan 30 wk. The ‘State of the Economy’ index was -74, vs. -72. The ‘Personal Finances’ index was down to -14 from -8. And the ‘Buying Climate’ index was way down to -50 from -44. See the history table on the MNI main wire."    View Comment
"Job openings fall for second straight month.............interesting tidbit. Anecdotal information does not seem to confirm the view of economic strength.....but maybe this is why the bond market has sold off............visions of QE III; QE IV; QE V; QE VI as Fed believes stock prices are the way to force hiring....not all bubbles are filled with helium........some are filled with lead."    View Comment
"So if inflation is you save more so you can keep your standard of living? or do you spend more because 'goods" in the future will costs more? Since food is perishable and I don't have a tank or permit to store my own gasoline in the backyard.....I see consumers opting to save more, but curious as to what others thought."    View Comment
"“This is one of those lies, damned lies and statistics moments,” said Mitchell Stapley, the Grand Rapids, Michigan- based chief fixed-income officer for Fifth Third Asset Management, which oversees $22 billion. “You saw that 9 percent, and the market’s reaction was ‘that can’t be right.’ You’ve got people dropping out of the workforce. There’s some statistical anomaly at work.” You think?"    View Comment
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