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"Google: Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction 60 Minutes. When you understand those (derivative credit swaps), then you get it and can send that email to your Senator and your Congressmen. The power is in education, and they won't get their salaries if they aren't sitting in that seat saying they have no idea how to fix this mess and it was the 'other guys' fault. Many of you missed the point on who has the power and who has the money. Follow the money. He who has the hard money has..."    View Comment
"I just learned some interesting things, since what was going on made no sense at all. The clue is to follow the money. Watch the 60 Minutes on Deriviative Credit Swaps. The bottom line is there is no incentive for any mortgage company or bank to refinance you, do any loan package or any bailout, or even to sell the property (except at full price, if they had a buyer). Why do you think they did robo-signing? It was convenient, because you aren't getting a bail out no matter what you do or how..."    View Comment
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