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"This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The USA's printing of money is the greatest manuliplation of all time. PRC has one basic policy--its currency is pegged to the US dollar. The USA has more influcence on the PRC currency to the pound than PRC does. PRC is currency conversion is on autopilot for 17 years, just follow the leader. BO is just trying to pay for the debt and too big to fail bank bailouts on the backs of the PRC, recreate 20 years of recession as with Japan 1987 to..."    View Comment
"$7500 deduction is realtor speak. That $7500 on sch A and then reduces income. So actual in pocket saving is lower $2000 or less. Also the standard deduction can not be taken. Ask a CPA and run the figures before acting. Do what is in your best interest not the seller's interest. The price might be right to justify buying, but in many states the price is very likely to decrease 20% or more. It's always a good time to buy or sell for the realtor and mortage brokers, who get a percentage no..."    View Comment
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