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Brian Brady
Managing Director,  Prosperity Residential Lending Division of World Wide Credit Corp.
9089 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #306
San Diego,  California  92123
""There is a better way, repealling Frank n' Dodd. It's been nothing but bad for the consumer and housing, and everyone knows it." Amen. Let appraisers live by their reputation. Lenders weeded out the bad ones and shared the information about them."    View Comment
"The 4th factor, is "moral compunction". Veterans have a sense of honor and feel a responsibility towards an affinity group (the VA). Moreover, that default follows them forever (CAIVRS). While I agree with the other three assessments, borrower's character really does matter in lending"    View Comment
"My condolences to you AQ and prayers for your grandmother."    View Comment
"The answer to your questions and pleas for solutions to problems with the economy? It's really quite simple; government (including the Fed) should do nothing. Government doesn't create jobs, wealth, or money (although it can print and debase it). Lenders will lend, businesses will hire and expand, and money will flow after the economy works its way through the malinvestments of last decade. If government got out of the way 3 years ago, we;d be well on our way to prosperity by now."    View Comment
"If it was supposed to be funny, why are you defending your statement?"    View Comment
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