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"The reason Decmber was better in home sales was due to buyer's wanting their homestead exemption on their real estate taxes. December has always been a busy month at least here in Texas for that reason alone."    View Comment
"How much of the retreat might be attributable to options expirations?"    View Comment
"I get really upset with these internet lenders that falsely advertise a "low ball" APR! This will be a flaw in this new disclosure as well IF we don't show what fees are included (PFC) in the calculation."    View Comment
"I've said it before and I'll say it again.... you can set your watch to the manipulation of the bond market by the bond traders on these auctions. Most people don't realize that there's only a hadfull of brokerages that can buy from the government on these auctions... and they want the price to improve (yield to go down) after the auction so they can profit by this move when they sell these bonds to their customers."    View Comment
"FBI already has my fingerprints for my CHL (concealed handgun license) so what's another $15 bucks just to do it again. It's an intimidation routine by Washington... it makes them feel better."    View Comment
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