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"most of the appraisers we have dealt with have been trying to do their job. I have however had two appraisals on purchases come in $2,000 less than the purchase price. Such a subjective amount. In this day and age of sellers bringing money to the table, $2000, or even $1000 if it is split with the buyer, is burdensome."    View Comment
"I know several credit worthy self-employed people who cannot qualify for a rate & term refi due to ratio reductions by lenders. Why not do something for these people? Let them do a straight rate & term refi with minimal underwriting (current on mortgage and decent credit score). I'll bet the majority of people in this situation would put the money they would save by refinancing back into the economy very quickly."    View Comment
"Wow Bryan. Really, "the liberal's wet dream we have allowed our nation to become?" How about the unregulated, out-of-control actions of lenders like Countrywide who made the loans - the money grubbers on Wall Street who packaged the loans - the rating agencies that rated the bonds and on and on. Let's stop the name calling and get down to real business. Shutting down Fannie, Freddie, et al wouldn't solve the problems we are facing in the housing industry. Selling REO's to..."    View Comment
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