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"Mike C, while I dont want to turn this argument in to a political one, the last one to blame for the current mess we are in is Obama. While Ive read this Horowitz guys stuff too, there were far more "experts" in the field calling for everyone to get in to real estate and stating that it would never pop etc etc.. The regulations that we are seeing are a result of a market that was enabled and pushed along by everyone involved for many years before Obama took office. I happen to think that..."    View Comment
"Don just stick to saying the two things that you know best... "would you like to supersize that and would you like to make that a combo?" Then you wont look like such an idiot here.. ;)"    View Comment
"And you made the point more elloquently John... ;)"    View Comment
"Brilliant deflection Don. So your answer to my specific question is to post someone elses rational overview of the situation? Im even less impressed than before. Done w this conversation all together. Have a nice life. Whatever they decide to do w compensation, wholesale chains are not going away and I know that I will be successful no matter what your opinion of our industry. Im gonna go post something on a fast food blog about Mcdonalds problems associated w serving food w so much saturated fats..."    View Comment
"Don please pardon my fleeting moment of self indulgence and see my other comments for aspects of the issue that you dont seem to be grasping. As you know, you are posting things on a blog about what is currently happening in OUR industry and speaking about problems of the past. While that may be productive and certainly helpful in other arenas, it's old hat to 99% of us. Everyone knows what got us here. There are no more stated programs, or Option Arms and I have not done any ARM for years. But..."    View Comment
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